The client's dog will receive one week free of training, after which time the trainer will either accept or decline dog for training​.

​AB Kennels          M2 Breeding

Services and Pricing

​​​After deposit is made, customer has the option of monthly payments.  Final payment is due before completion of training program.

All packages include:  training, boarding, food.

Wellness vaccines, heartworn medicine, and rattlesnake vaccines provided at Port Lavaca Veterinary Clinic, at owners expense.

***If you buy a trained dog from us, all vaccines will be included


                Time frame may vary on the dog's completion of expected drills. 

​Level Two:  Started Hunting Dog
5-6 month program at $6000 includes:

  • basic obedience training
  • whistle commands
  • ​intro to decoys
  • intro to gunfire/birds
  • intro to water
  • marked retrieves
  • force fetching and holding

​Level One:  Basic Obedience

2-3 month program at $2700 includes:

  • sit/stay
  • "here" command
  • extended sit
  • "kennel" command
  • no jumping/respecting personal space
  • "quiet" command

​​​Level Three:  Finished Water Dog​

10-​12 month program at $8000 includes:

  • basic obedience training
  • started hunting dog training
  • blind retrieves​
  • directional backs
  • overs
  • water blinds/overs
  • trailing