In between basic obedience drills we play small retrieving games with our pups. This gets them excited about retrieves, as well as gives them an intro to what lies ahead. 
At 4.5 months old in this video, Gauge is learning steadiness on gunfire. As you can see he is steady, and eagerly waits to go on the command BACK. 
Gauge’s retrieving drills will start to get longer and more complex as training goes on, both in the field and water. It is possible that at the rate he is training, he could make the last couple weeks of the 2019 bird season. 

Give me a call to come out and see this energetic little pup work, or for more info and training details.

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Progress Board


Gauge worked on double marked retrieves off the versa launcher for the first time today. To us these drills seem simple, but to a 5 month old pup he has to remember the 2nd bird is out there, and trust in us that when we send him there will be something out there to retrieve.

From here on out this drill will become more difficult. We will begin to stretch the distance out to 100 yards, add taller grass where even though he can see the birds hit the ground he will not be able to see them laying on the grass. Then we will add water to this drill.

Gauge has come a long ways in his training, and will be a Started Dog very soon. At the customers request we can train Gauge to a Finished Dog as well. 

Give me a call to set up a time to see this little pup in action, you won’t be disapointed!


I took my new pup, Captain who is 6.5 months old, and was about a month away from completing his Started Dog training hunting with me this past weekend.  After walking out into the decoys with him on the the first 2-3 birds, and giving him encouragement and praise, everything clicked and for the next two days and an additional 35 birds he locked in.  Great to see such a young pup picking up on things so fast in the field. He had multiple retrieves, 125 yard retrieves, and several FIND IT drill birds which were buried in the grass. With Captain, not one bird we shot was lost. Great job Capt!